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IT workers, engineers among highest paid OFWs — report

By Espie Angelica A. de Leon

IT professionals, especially those engaged in software development, and engineers are among the highest paid Filipino overseas workers, according to the 2017 Overseas Jobs and Salary Report by Workabroad.ph, an overseas job portal in the country.

Workabroad.ph senior marketing manager Rowina Cielo J. Sonza

Filipino IT specialists in Asia Pacific countries with work experience of four years and below are paid P54,000 monthly. Those with at least five years experience earn up to P58,000 a month.

On the other hand, land-based engineers in the region including those with work experience of four years and below earn P56,000-P59,000 a month.

In the United States, sea-based engineers are paid salaries within the range of P53,000-P99,000. In particular, chief officers earn P92,000 a month, chief engineers P96,000, and ship masters up to P99,000.

According to the annual report which Workabroad.ph presented to the media at a Makati City restaurant on January 17, healthcare professionals are also among the most handsomely paid Filipino overseas workers.

In the Middle East, those engaged in pediatric care have salaries of up to P86,000 a month. Nurses earn as much as P65,000 while veterinarians are paid up to P58,000.

However, engineering-related jobs including mechanics and electrical technicians remain as the most in demand in Asia Pacific, the US, and Middle East.

Also in the list of high-demand specializations are those in the food, beverage and restaurant; manufacturing and production operations sectors; as well as in general work roles. These include drivers, housekeepers, messengers, cooks, caretakers, electricians, AC, auto, refrigeration, plumbing, maintenance technicians, and other skilled workers.

IT professionals may not be far behind. According to senior marketing manager Rowina Cielo J. Sonza, Workabroad.ph believes that the coming years will see a stronger demand for IT specialists with the emergence of new trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and others which are set to spur more jobs in the sector globally.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is the number one deployment destination for Filipino skilled workers and professionals, accounting for 54.19 percent of the total number of jobs generated from January to October 2017.

Joining Saudi Arabia in the list are Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman US, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Workabroad.ph regional marketing operations manager Yolanda R. Buyco

Information presented in the report were based on job ads data posted in the portal while figures represent average monthly salaries from January to October 2017.

?Many of us Filipinos want to go abroad. In our survey of a few years back, we have seven out of 10 workers who want to work overseas,? said Workabroad.ph regional marketing operations manager Yolanda R. Buyco.

?[But] A lot of them do not have experience overseas or even in local jobs. Some of them also have high expectations.?

The report aims to guide local jobseekers by giving them a glimpse of the overseas employment scenario and help them improve their marketability in order to become more competitive.


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