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Pinoy-owned real estate app eyes expansion via brokers network

By Edd K. Usman

Hoppler, a Filipino-owned real estate listing and property finder app and website, wants to expand in 2018 by getting more partner brokers to spread the word out about its services.

Hoppler president and COO Ramon Michael Z. Gonzalez

Ramon Michael Z. Gonzalez, president and COO of Hoppler, said during a press event in Makati City that the company is inviting brokers who are not yet in its Partner Broker Program to join the network.

“We have a lot of events coming out throughout the year. We can help generate leads for their listings to help market their properties to a broad network,” said Gonzalez in an interview.

He assured that Hoppler will only give its partner brokers leads that were already vetted so they will not have to waste precious time going after bogus buyers.

The Hoppler official reiterated that posting properties on the company’s website is totally free with no upfront cost to brokers.

The company makes money by getting a 3-percent commission of the gross sale. The commission is split 50-50 between Hoppler and the broker.

“We want to improve and strengthen our relationship with our brokers so we will come up with incentive programs for them,” he said. More than that, Gonzalez said Hoppler wants to be known as the “go-to-broker house for brokers.”

He said brokers also are not barred from having their properties listed with other brokerage companies.

“We are not exclusive…but we will find the right buyer for you. What we want is for our brokers to make money whether with Hoppler or others. We want the best for our partner brokers,” said Gonzalez.

If a listed property on Hoppler is sold through another company, Hoppler will not penalize the brokers, he assured. “We just want your property to make money,” he said.

One of the company’s more than 600 partner brokers, Raymond Atencio, 34, said he joined Hoppler towards the end of 2016 after passing the Real Estate Brokers Board Examinations.

He was neophyte and did not know much yet about the competitive world of real estate. But with the help of Hoppler, Atencio said it he was able to sell a townhouse, had two properties leased, and earned his first commission.

“I used social media, such as Facebook, to inform my friends I am now with Hoppler and that if they have properties to sell, I can help them earn some money,” said the young broker.

“It’s good that Hoppler helps its brokers a lot, giving us leads and potential buyers to contact,” he said, adding that worked for different industry before he joined Hoppler.

“I worked long hours in the evening. My wife worked in daytime. We hardly saw each other. But now, so far it?s good,” he added, while conceding he is still learning the ropes of the trade.

Filipino Ramon Ballesca Jr. founded Hoppler and is now the CEO. The company offers listings of condominiums, houses and lots, townhouses, vacant lots, commercial lots, and commercial spaces for sale or lease.

Hoppler recently received funding from a Malaysian group, Frontier Digital Ventures (FDV), to the tune of $1.3 million.


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