Monday, May 27, 2024

Singapore ICT firms pitch products, solutions for fast Internet

By Edd K. Usman

Two Singapore-based ICT infrastructure and solutions providers have introduced in the Philippines their comprehensive Wi-Fi products and solutions which they claim can make Internet connectivity faster in the country.

From right: RansNet CEO and founder Randy Ran, Nera Philippines country manager Desmond Yeo, and RNET general manager Zahri Mirza show off their mbox Hotspot Series products and solutions for Wi-Fi connectivity

Top executives of the two companies, Nera Philippines and RansNet, hosted a recent press briefing at the Makati Diamond Residences to introduce and offer their products and solutions to Philippine companies.

They also revealed that they in discussion with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for possible engagements.

One of the products and solutions is called the mbox Hotspot Series, which includes the mbox Hotspot Gateway, and mbox Access Points. But they have many more in their portfolios.

Without knowing it, Filipino visitors to Singapore have their first test of the products at Changi International Airport, which has been using mbox Hotspot Series. It is connected to the RansNet devices that passengers use when hooked to the airport’s Wi-Fi facilities.

Across Singapore, RansNet solutions deployed across the city accommodates over two million Wi-Fi user logins every day.

Randy Ran, CEO of RansNet, said Changi Airport has been using the Wi-Fi devices in both in Terminals 1 and 2, with the Hotspot device able to accommodate huge number of users at the same time.

Nera is a wireless distributor established 40 years ago and has been in the Philippines for 21 years now. It focuses on end-to-end solutions and operates in 16 countries across four continents.

RansNet, meanwhile, is a developer of complete hotspot solutions for enterprises, public venues, retail and food and beverage establishment and hospitalities, among many places and areas that want to put up a Wi-Fi connectivity for their customers.

Its products are widely used in Indonesia and Malaysia, among other countries. Nera partnered with RansNet for the distribution of the latter’s latest line of wireless products and solutions.

Both companies are upbeat on the Philippines economic landscape. They are looking forward to what they believe would be “a huge potential for growing the market with advanced technologies and products.”

Desmond Yeo, Nera Philippines country manager, said they are presently discussing possible partnership with the DICT. He said there have been no particular agreements yet, but consultation is on-going.

“The Philippines is the fastest growing economy in the Asean. That is something that excites us a lot. We have made a lot of commitments and investments to the Philippine to serve customers in three key verticals: service providers and telcos, government transport and utilities, and enterprise conglomerates and the commercial market,” said Yeo.

Nera Philippines noted the continuing growth of smartphone users in the country, citing last year’s figure from Statista at an estimated 30.4 million users. With a growing mobile population, the company said demand for better Wi-Fi access and connectivity solutions among Filipinos will continue to rise.

“Today, businesses need a powerful set of IT solutions to drive business growth. The answer to their increasing need is here. Nera Philippines is glad to bring to the country a powerful set of IT solutions that will allow businesses to integrate technology to streamline operations and drive customer satisfaction,” said Yeo.

RansNet’s connectivity products and solutions are pervasive in Singapore’s wireless ecosystem, said Ran, saying they are in 78 percent of public hospitals, Changi Airport, Sentosa Island, big malls, top fast food shops, retail chains, students’ hostels and dormitories, among others.

“What’s more important is what we can do to customers relative to the users within the ecosystem. That has been our focus over the years especially to the Philippine market. It is never our intention to be wireless product vendor. We need wireless products because we need to build our ecosystem,” the RansNet founder said.

Their Wi-Fi Hotspot has a user interface that makes Wi-Fi monetization easier through ads banners that the venue owners have the ability to control.

Zahri Mirza, general manager of RNET Wireless, attributed this to the platform’s flexibility, saying it can do a “very target advertising.”

Mirza noted the fast evolution of technology that prompts customers to make new demands. “We see that the needs of this region is very unique, still developing.”


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