Saturday, April 20, 2024

Summit Media says goodbye to all magazines, goes fully digital

Summit Media ? which was the country’s leading magazine publisher in the country for more than two decades ? announced on Wednesday, April 11, that it was saying goodbye to its print editions. The company’s remaining magazines were Cosmopolitan, FHM, Preview, Top Gear, Town & Country, and YES! magazine.

The statement on the company’s website reads, “This month, Summit Media completes its full digital transformation. The 450-strong company can now be called digital first as it bids farewell to its magazine past, closing the six remaining print editions of brands already thriving online as,,,,, and”

The statement also quoted Summit Media president Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng as saying, “As we embark on our new journey towards a wholly digital future, we look back at the values that made us successful, and one thing that stands out is our respect for our audiences. Our brands, each with its own strong voice and well-defined identity, have resonated with our audiences because they stand for something, which is why for 23 years, Summit published the most successful and well-loved magazines in the country?s history.”

Summit Media launched its first magazine, Preview, in June 1995. Many of its other titles became launching pads for the nations up-and-coming celebrities.


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