Saturday, March 2, 2024

Jurassic Fun | Have you ever played Chrome’s Dinosaur Game?

This isn’t anything new, but there are still some people who have not yet been introduced to the Google Chrome browser’s resident dinosaur ? a Tyrannosaurus rex or T-Rex, to be exact. It appears on the browser page when your Internet or WiFi connection is lost.

This in-case-you-missed-it revelation is for those of you who have not yet been clued in on what the Chrome T-Rex can do. It’s actually a game.

The T-Rex was designed by Sebastien Gabriel and coded by Alan Bettes, Manuel Clement, and Edward Jung.

Once you see the T-Rex, all you have to do is click the spacebar if you’re using your desktop computer or laptop. If you’re using your smartphone, you have to touch the T-Rex on your screen. Then, the simple-yet-charming game immediately begins.

The T-Rex goes on a seemingly neverending journey. He has to leap over every cactus plant that gets in his way and avoid pterodactyls.

To make the T-Rex jump, just tap on your smartphone screen. If you’re using your desktop computer or laptop, you use the space bar to make the T-Rex jump and the down arrow or the numpad 2 key to make it duck when the pterodactyls swoop in. (We haven’t quite figured out how to make the T-Rex crouch on the smartphone version, though.)

In a Quora thread, Pranshu Bhatnagar shared the following details about the game for those who are using their laptops:

1. It goes into a black-and-white mode after every multiple of 700 points until the next 100 points.

2. You can pause the game by pressing the Alt key. You can resume by clicking on the T-Rex with your mouse cursor.

3. You can make the T-Rex do smaller leaps than usual by pressing the 8 key of the Numpad or the spacebar lightly.

Watch the video below to see the Chrome T-Rex in action.

If you’re using your desktop computer or laptop, you can test the Chrome Dinosaur Game without having to go offline. You just have type chrome://network-error/-106 on your address bar (a.k.a. URL bar) and you can play the T-Rex Game.

Bottom line: It’s an Old School game that you can use to pass the time when you can’t go online. It won’t change the world, but at least it will save you from boredom.


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