Sunday, June 23, 2024

Viral | Barangay elections candidates post Avengers-inspired campaign posters

The concept of copyright infringement or intellectual property theft is hard to explain to a number of people. Particularly, that special group of people who insist that imitation is the best form of flattery.

With the barangay (village) elections set to be held on May 14, candidates have been engaged in a campaign frenzy. Of course, they each want to stand out. In an effort to distinguish themselves form the political pack, some candidates have taken liberties with the images of the Avengers. Because, apparently, there’s nothing like presenting yourself as a superhero to capture the imagination of your constituents.

The Facebook page Askale shared this poster of candidates from barangay in a certain city in Mindanao. Check out the candidates as Avengers below. We’ll let you judge if this one rocked or failed.

Photo credit: Screengrab from Askale (Facebook)

Pilipino Star Ngayon likewise shared more Avengers-themed campaign poster from Brgy. Bagbag in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Clearly, these barangay candidates didn’t pay to use trademarked superhero images in their campaign posters. So, what do we call this? Flattery? On top of that, are these posters really going to make a difference.

On one hand, we can argue that the decision to capitalize on the buzz over the latest Avengers movie is a smart move. However, we can also say that this only indicates that these candidates think that Filipino voters would be easily swayed by references to pop culture.

Perhaps, this is a testament to how “immature” the majority of the Filipino voting population is. Answer this: If a person applying for a job submitted his or her resume with a photo of himself or herself in a superhero costume, would he or she get hired? If he or she is applying to be an entertainer, that’s cool. However, if he or she is applying to be a policymaker in the community, it’s totally inappropriate.


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