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Diebold Nixdorf marks 15th year in PH with new banking and retail solutions

By Espie Angelica A. de Leon

Tech firm Diebold Nixdorf has unveiled its new line of software-defined solutions for ATM terminals and Electronic Point of Sale (POS) systems as it celebrated 15 years of operations in the Philippines on May 23 at the Peninsula Manila Hotel in Makati City.

A representative from Diebold Nixdorf demonstrates how one of its retail solutions works by allowing customers to use their smartphone or tablet to see how many points he has earned, learn about store promotions, and scan their product purchases for faster and more convenient transaction

The commemoration highlighted the global milestones of the company and operations in the Philippines where it has over 60 clients, 43 field service locations, and more than 400 employees.

At the same time, it provided a peek into the future of finance and retail to be ushered in by the company?s latest innovations which are poised to redefine these sectors.

Among these is an ATM terminal for card-less yet safer and more convenient transactions. This solution operates via a mobile app which an ATM user downloads to begin his transaction as he approaches the terminal. When he arrives at the terminal, the cash is immediately dispensed using his smartphone and a QR code.

Diebold Nixdorf also showcased its Big Data Analytics Platforms. Embedded with AI and machine learning, these platforms collect various data, such as the average time a customer spends inside the bank or at an ATM terminal. These data are delivered into the company?s mobile apps. Once downloaded, these apps provide important insights that will help optimize customer experience.

In this case, such information will help a customer who is on his way to the ATM to decide whether he wants to proceed to that particular ATM site or head for another terminal where there are fewer customers. The platforms also gather other data that will help company insiders to determine gaps in their systems and processes and provide solutions.

For the retail sector, Diebold Nixdorf introduced a technology which allows the shopper to use his tablet or smartphone to scan his product purchases himself while waiting in line, thus speeding up the process.

?What we want to offer to the retailer, their consumers and customers is that they must have choice. Because sometimes in the case where the queue is very long, you [should] have [a] certain choice,? said Andrew Phay, regional vice-president for retail at Asia Pacific of Diebold Nixdorf.

The application also informs the shopper about store promotions, how many points he has accumulated and allows him to decide whether he wants to redeem his points or not, and whether he wants to pay via credit card or through the cashier.

Other cutting-edge solutions that will change the way Filipinos are engaging in their banking and retail activities were presented.

Julius Servando, president and country manager of Philippines of Diebold Nixdorf said: ?We invest a lot in research and development to come up with relevant and responsive solutions. In addition to that, we will continue to grow our resources in the country.?

Servando added that the ATM network in the country is still way below that of its Asian neighbors. Yet, the company is bullish about the growth of the Philippine banking industry in the next couple of years, prompted by a planned extension of coverage in the countryside. Cash in transit activities, by banks in particular, will facilitate the growth of ATMs outside Metro Manila, he said.


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