Wednesday, May 29, 2024

COMFORT ZONE | Google PH office’s restroom sign says a lot

We all know Google as a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services. While it is best known for its search engine, Google has pretty much established itself as a one-stop platform for various online solutions and tools such as Gmail and the rest of the G Suite offerings.

Google has always presented itself as a progressive entity — with its fantastic employee perks being sought after by practically everyone in the world.

As it turns out, Google’s progressive spirit extends to all parts of its operations. Even the toilets in their offices all over the world have gotten the Google treatment.

In 2008, TechCrunch reported that Google restrooms had made use of Japanese space toilets. Yes, they’re the kind that come with all sorts of buttons that make the restroom experience more interesting (for lack of a better word). There are even several online discussion threads about Google restrooms, among them is the one on Quora.

In recent years, Google has one again revolutionized its toilets with a never-before-seen sign. Google had used it to make a statement about their policy to truly embrace diversity. As it turns out, the groundbreaking sign was spotted was spotted by Twitter user Inah Robles at the Google Philippines Office.

The icons on the sign say a lot about the company’s stance on LGBTQ rights. It also goes to show that apart from technological developments and digital savvy, a company’s humanity is also very important. In a world overrun by heartless corporations, here’s hoping that so many more follow Google’s example. It is a powerful gesture that supports the struggle that a marginalized group of people has endured (and continue to endure) for so many years. Arguably, a sign isn’t the silver bullet that would delete all bigots from the face of the earth, but at least it shows the LGBTQ community that they are not alone.

By the way, the sign also feature Braille writing.


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