Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Globe Labs taps cloud firm to bring voice technology to PH, SE Asia

By Espie Angelica A. de Leon

Telco-powered solutions provider Globe Labs has partnered with cloud communications firm Nexmo to power up small and large businesses in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia via the latest in voice technology.

Photo shows (from left) Globe VP for digital ventures Glenn Estrella, CEO Ernest Cu, and Vonage VP and general manager of Asia Pacific Sunny Rao during the event held at Shangri-la at the Fort in Bonifacio Global City on July 19

The partnership was officially announced at an event dubbed ?The Rise of Voice: Take Your Business to New Heights? held at Shangri-la at the Fort in Bonifacio Global City on July 19.

Gearing up to be the next computer interface, voice technology has become digital with the emergence of cloud and is now a powerful tool for an organization?s digital transformation.

In the Philippines, voice is widely used for weather updates, road navigation, contact center applications, and search queries. In fact, voice search makes up 20% of searches on Android phones. Voice may also be tapped for making more effective payment reminders to subscribers with outstanding balances.

For these objectives, Globe Labs is introducing the Globe Labs Voice API which incorporates cloud technology, AI, NLP, and machine learning. With its rich features, Voice API allows users to create an array of voice applications depending on their requirements.

According to Globe digital ventures senior vice president Glenn Estrella, the company tapped three outsourcing firms and automated their payment reminders using a neutral tone of voice instead of a biased voice. The initiative resulted in 70% call-through rate against a 36% average call-through rate. Collection rate likewise doubled.

They also delivered voice technology solutions to an e-commerce site aiming for repeat customers among those who had not made a purchase in the last six months. This resulted in a basket size which almost tripled the average number and a 29% call to conversion rate.

Data analytics may also be applied on these voice solutions. ?You are able to acquire basically different information from your CRM, from your inbound calls, from your hotline and put it all together,? said Estrella. ?Imagine if you can save all that information and run AI analytics around it ? being able to build actionable data out of your calls.?

Automated payment reminders also lead to reduced costs and an improved customer experience.

?I always believed before that voice is actually dying or dead. If you think about voice in the Philippines, less and less people call. They are all doing messaging. Until an application of Globe was developed to actually automate the voice calls we make for credit and payment reminders,? said Globe Telecom CEO Ernest Cu. ?Lo and behold, that particular process yielded a 100% gain in collection.?

Estrella emphasized that Globe Labs and Nexmo want to make the tools for digital transformation available for everyone. ?It?s not limited to the big enterprise. It?s also available for the little guys,? he said of Globe Labs? voice technology solutions.

?We?re excited to partner with Globe Labs to offer innovative voice technology solutions to businesses in the Southeast Asian market, empowering brands to connect with their customers with personalized, contextual communication,? said Vonage vice president and general manager for APAC Sunny Rao.


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