Thursday, February 22, 2024

DICT transfers glitch-hit gov’t websites to Makati data center

Unable to resolve the glitch that hit a number of government websites early this month, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has chosen to just transfer the hosting of the sites from its servers in Quezon City to a data center in Makati City.

One of the agencies badly affected by the malfunction is the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), whose core system will now be hosted in an undisclosed site in Makati City.

BIR commissioner Caesar Dulay said officials of the DICT informed them that they needed to transfer to another data center while the ICT agency tries to address the main cause of the glitch.

“They have given us an alternative. We have a meeting yesterday,” he told journalists in an interview at the House of Representatives on Tuesday, July 31.

Also, BIR deputy commissioner for information systems group Lanee C. David said during the same interview that DICT officials have committed to start the migration of the system this week but said the transfer might take a long time.
She also clarified that the glitch affected the agency?s core system but not the electronic form and payment system (eFPS) that is being used by taxpayers.

“Taxpayers were not affected because what was affected was our internal system,” she said, adding that a back-up system allowed the eFPS to continue working.

Earlier, Dulay said they continue to be in communication with DICT officials following the technical issues that affected the websites of several state agencies on July 3. — Joann Villanueva (PNA)


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