Monday, April 22, 2024

European network monitoring firm intros solutions to PH partners

By Espie Angelica A. de Leon

Executives of Flowmon Networks, a Europe-based vendor of network traffic, performance, and security monitoring technologies, flew in to Manila to introduce its portfolio of high-performing, scalable, and easy-to-use solutions to its Philippine partners.

Flowmon Networks country manager Lubos Milan speaks during the launch event

Held at Vikings Buffet in SM Jazz Mall, Makati City on August 1, the presentation highlighted how these IP flow monitoring technologies provide IT departments with absolute traffic visibility for them to have a complete picture of what is going on in their network and determine the appropriate solution.

Also present at the event were country manager Lubos Milan, technical engineer Carlo Alviar, and other Flowmon Networks representatives.

Flowmon APM monitors and manages application delivery from end-to-end for each transaction with no agents on servers and without changing the infrastructure. Specializing in HTTP/S and database applications, the solution spots availability problems, slow response incidents, and performance bottlenecks along the network before they start to affect customers and employees.

?It would usually take hours, maybe days because you don?t know what?s going on,? explained Flowmon area manager Tomas Sarocky, referring to traffic issues in the network. ?Here, you have the information. You know exactly what is going on.?

Among others, the IT specialists in the organization will you get to know where most of the traffic is coming from and who is communicating with whom in their own network. With these data, they would know how to solve the problem within two hours.

Data is given through a user-friendly dashboard and service level agreement (SLA) parameters of third-party suppliers are measured while saving on costs otherwise generated by traditional troubleshooting.

Another Flowmon solution is DDoS Defender which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI). DDos Defender detects volumetric attacks within seconds using flow statistics from routers or network probes with advanced network traffic analysis.

Using security methods such as RTBH, BGP, PBR and Flowspect, it immediately fights off the cyberattack and mitigates its effects. By doing so, the solution prevents an internal system crash or disabling of a particular service, thus allowing the organization to escape financial losses, reputation damage and security risks. DDoS Defender can protect even up to 100G networks and multi-tenant architectures.

On the other hand, Flowmon ADS uses network behavior analytics to identify and eliminate risks which overcame firewalls, antivirus softwares, and other traditional protection tools. These risks include botnets, unknown malware, violation of policies, and operational problems. Flowmon ADS hands over the control over such issues back to the IT unit and helps unit members to collaborate efficiently for faster problem resolution.

With its main headquarters in Czech Republic, Flowmon Networks has the first 100G probes in the world and over 800 customers in more than 40 countries. Among these are Allianz, Kia, Volkswagen, TDK, AVG and Konica Minolta.


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