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Pinoy-made app for car owners eyes overseas expansion

Car care app announced it now has over 400,00 users and 7,663 establishments on its platform. Furthermore, it has attracted no less than 1.5 million visits since debuting in 2017. chief executive officer Anton Ojeda

Locally developed and the first of its kind in the world, the app is an online destination for car owners when it comes to repairs, maintenance, auto detailing, emergencies, and other services.

The innovation basically saves them from the hassle of taking their cars to the shop amid the traffic and their busy schedules while allowing them to monitor their vehicle in every step of the process.

As of now, is available in Metro Manila where three million cars are registered but the app is setting its sights on immediate expansion — to the rest of the country by early 2019 and eventually within Southeast Asia.

Key executives shared these developments during a media event at White Space Manila in Makati City on October 25.

At the forefront of the app’s services is its Maintenance Valet feature. “When car owners need to have preventive maintenance services or even annual auto-detailing jobs done on their vehicles, they don’t have to do the task themselves and interrupt their daily routines,” explained chief executive officer Anton Ojeda.

Instead, they can just book an appointment at their preferred car shop via the app or and send for the app’s trained professional drivers to fetch their car and take it to the shop. The drivers have body cameras and are monitored via GPS. The vehicle is also insured the moment it is fetched and taken to the shop.

Choosing their preferred car shop becomes easy with the Search and Canvass feature. It contains a list of dealership hubs, repair centers, and other establishments offering automotive services including car wash, paints, and wraps.

For every establishment in the list, additional information is provided such as address and Google Map locator, services, business hours, payment methods, and customer reviews.

“We’re gonna remove the wasted time of you waiting in line, scheduling. And we’re gonna remove wasting your time by getting poor service,” said Ojeda. “We’re gonna make things accessible. We’re gonna make things convenient.”

Ojeda added that a lot of users search for car wash services in the platform. Because of this, is set to open a mobile car wash service “so instead of you going to the car wash, we’re gonna bring the car wash to you,” said Ojeda.

Search and Canvass also has a listing of insurance providers and Land Transportation offices around Metro Manila.

Another feature is the 24/7 Roadside Assistance for emergency services such as towing, tire change, and battery replacement at no additional charge.

“So if they’re stuck in the road, we’re just a phone call away,” said chief operating officer Paolo Acosta. may be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.


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