Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Nancy Binay wants ATMs equipped with audio system for blind users

Senator Nancy Binay has proposed that, aside from a visual transmission system, an audio transmission system be installed in all automated teller machines (ATMs) to cater to the needs of visually-impaired individuals.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Binay noted that while the technology for the hearing-impaired is currently available, ATMs are still unserviceable to those who are visually-impaired.

While most ATMs nowadays have Braille patterns installed on the keypads of the machines for use of visually-impaired individuals, Binay expressed the belief that this set-up would not suffice.

Binay said the installation of an audio transmission system will substantially convey the same information seen on the display screen which allows customers to see the electronic banking transactions done through ATMs.

Currently, only a handful of ATMs have speakers or voice features in which customers are able to hear tones when keys are being pressed on the keypad.

Binay’s proposal entails not only the introduction of additional voice features but a personal listening device to ensure the security and confidentiality of electronic banking transactions done through ATMs.

“This is to promote the self-sufficiency of visually-impaired individuals,” she said.

Under Senate Bill No. 2145, every banking institution will be required to install not only a visual transmission system or display screen features but also an audio transmission system in their ATMs.

This will ensure that ATMs will transmit any message through both visual and audio transmission systems, providing equal access for all individuals, Binay said.


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