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Pinoy startup offers solutions for cashless transactions, digitization of MSMEs

Filipino-owned and operated startup company GoDigital Corporation has unveiled its OKTO series of software solutions for cashless transactions and for the digital transformation of MSMEs.

GoDigital marketing director Mark Joseph Gomez

Launched at the Tipsy Pig Gastropub on Timog Avenue, Quezon City were the OKTO solutions consisting of OKTO Pay, OKTO Loyalty, and OKTO POS.

Cashless transactions become possible with OKTO Pay, a digital wallet which does not require any maintaining balance. Usable online or offline, it comes in two forms — the consumer app and merchant app.

The consumer app enables the user to pay his bills, send money, purchase e-pins and loads. The merchant app, on the other hand, allows a business to have cashless transactions with its customers for bills payment, load and e-pin purchase services. The business therefore gains a secondary source of revenue and additional foot traffic.

The apps also track all transactions of the user.

The consumer app is available in PayStore and AppStore while the merchant app is given to the business establishment once it onboards GoDigital.

Digitization or digital transformation efforts by any MSME are given a boost by OKTO Loyalty. The platform allows the business to easily build and customize its own loyalty and rewards program.

“We created a way for our merchants to actually keep their users engaged while building long-time value through rewarding,” said GoDigital marketing director Mark Joseph Gomez. He added that through the platform, users can develop their own scavenger hunts and gamified tools for their loyalty programs.

In particular, OKTO Loyalty lets them decide who among their customers will get the reward, when they want to reward these select customers, and how they will receive their rewards. It can also be easily integrated into the company’s CRM and other systems.

“The only way for us to truly have one singular platform is to be able to integrate to all available platforms,” said Gomez. “We’re opening our APIs so if ever they want to join other networks, they can still utilize OKTO Loyalty as their own brand or utilize the one that’s given by a third party.”

OKTO Loyalty also provides detailed reports and analytics so the business owner can determine if a promotional campaign is successful or not and therefore decide whether to continue with it or to change the campaign.

The platform will be available on the OKTO app by the third week of March 2019.

Completing the OKTO series and further giving digitization initiatives a shot in the arm is OKTO POS, a customizable system streamlining inventory management, sales, and cash flow.

With these features, users are notified about their deliveries, when inventory is running out, about slow and fast moving products, and get to track real-time data using their tablets or smartphones.

OKTO POS, which can easily be integrated with other softwares, comes in two variations: one which can work with traditional POS devices and the second, a portable version for mobile devices.  


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