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NTC defers 8-digit landline number implementation

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has deferred the implementation of the eight-digit landline number in Greater Manila Area to October 6, 2019 in order to give sufficient time for local banks and credit card companies to prepare for the change.

In its advisory, the NTC said the Banker Associations of the Philippines (BAP) and the Credit Card Association of the Philippines (CCAP) have requested for the deferment of the migration of Area Code 02 landline numbers from 7 digits to 8 digits from March 18 to October 6 which covers the areas of Metro Manila, Rizal province and the cities of San Pedro, Laguna and Bacoor, Cavite.

Among the reasons cited by the BAP and CCAP are to update client phone numbers and period for rigid testing and validation prior to full migration; conduct of an intensive and expansive campaign for clients especially those overseas including updating banks? marketing collaterals on requisite hotlines; and compliance with rules and regulations of regulatory agencies such as the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

“BAP and CCAP initially requested for deferment of the implementation to January 2020. Extensive consultations were conducted between the Commission, public telecommunications entities (PTEs), BAP, and CCAP. After the consultations, the Commission, PTEs, BAP and CCAP agreed to implement the required migration on October 6, 2019,” the NTC advisory read

Major telcos PLDT and Globe Telecom have said that they will comply with the NTC directive to implement the landline number migration on October.

?We will make the necessary adjustments when it comes to our internal systems and communication efforts to ensure smooth service continuity for all of our affected customers. Our teams are continuously working closely with the NTC and other telcos to assist affected customers before, during, and after the migration,? Globe general counsel Froilan Castelo said in a separate statement on Thursday, March 8.

From October 6 to January 5, Globe customers who will still incorrectly dial the old 7-digit number will hear a special announcement, saying the format has been changed to 8 digits. The company will continue reminding its customers on the upcoming migration in October through all available channels, including SMS, email, and social media.

Meanwhile, PLDT has advised its subscribers that it will be implementing the landline migration on October 6 in compliance with the order of the NTC.

NTC issued Memorandum Order No. 10-10-2017 on October 27, 2017, directing all telecommunications companies in the Philippines to migrate all customers within the area code 02 to 8-digit telephone numbers, from the existing 7 digits. — Aerol John Pate?a (PNA)


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