Monday, April 22, 2024

US firm says fintech will continue to transform digital world

By Ram Christian Agustin

Fiserv, a US-based provider of financial services technology, said financial technology or fintech firms will play a crucial role in the digital transformation of local businesses.

Fiserv SVP and managing director for Asia Pacific region Marc Mathenz

Marc Mathenz, Fiserv senior vice-president and managing director for the Asia Pacific region, recently conducted a ?masterclass? on enabling Financial Risk Mitigation and Digital Banking at the Makati Diamond Residences where he emphasized the importance of fintech in shaping today’s digital landscape.

According to Mathenz, companies need to deliver financial services that complement the way people currently work and go about in their daily lives.

“We work with financial institutions in both developed and developing markets in Asia Pacific, providing technology and expertise in managed services to enable institutions to successfully navigate and execute their strategies,” said Mathenz.

According to the executive, Fiserv is geared towards serving as an industry catalyst in pushing efforts to ensure that the best financial technology is available to its partners.

“For us, being recognized for innovation and expertise is not about acquiring accolades. It means we have our focus in the right place ? a culture that is aimed at enabling our clients? success and helping them serve their customers,” he said.

Fiserv has been a provider of financial services technology in the Philippines for the past 18 years, but also now offers a core banking platform, digital banking, cash management, and risk management and anti-money laundering solutions.

“Millions of consumers, thousands of financial institutions, and hundreds of other organizations rely on us to move and manage money and information on their behalf every day. We take pride in the strength of our business model, our management and the fact that more than 12,000 clients worldwide turn to Fiserv for financial services technology,” Mathenz added.

In the local scene, the company is currently working with several of the country’s banking institutions and organizations including Philippine Veterans Bank, BDO, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Manulife Financial, and Sun Life Financial.


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