Wednesday, April 24, 2024

JDA says AI, machine learning critical enablers for supply chain innovation

By Ram Superable Agustin

At the fifth annual JDA Supply Chain Asean Summit held at the City of Dreams in Para?aque City, industry experts stressed the importance of new digital technologies in setting off innovations in the retail and supply chain industry.

Photo shows JDA execs Martin Dube (left) and John Boe

According to Vishal Dhawan, vice president for growth markets at JDA, the supply chain industry needs to put artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning at the heart of their digital transformation journey .

?Our vision is to enable them in their digital transformation journey and accelerate their way forward to run an autonomous supply chain that is agile, adaptive, and self-learning,? shared Dhawan.

Martin Dube, group vice president of the APAC sales team at JDA, said the trends in manufacturing retail and logistics all point to AI and machine learning, as well as IoT (Internet of Things).

Before concluding the session-packed event with a presentation on using the right technology as leverage for an increased efficiency in the supply chain, senior director for JDA client services John Boe shared his thoughts on the mobile integration of the ERP system in an interview.

“When you really think about the ERP system, it?s the housing of all the data. Whatever data we?re going to use, such as forecasting, are all stored in the ERP. For the mobile visibility, from the merchandising viewpoint, if I wanted to know what?s happening within my ERP system when I?m about to place an order, I can quickly log on with my mobile device and see data on real-time,” Boe said.

The executives said JDA is incorporating AI and machine learning in their supply chain management (SCM) platform while their cloud end-to-end solutions cover supply chain and retail planning, execution, and delivery.


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