Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Uber-like system for nurses, porters in hospitals unveiled in PH

By Ram Superable Agustin

Similar to what Uber did to the transport industry, a new solution is revolutionizing the way healthcare is practiced in the medical field.

IceGen consulting CEO Anand Surana

Developed by IceGen Computing Inc., the Portzo-Porter Management Solution incorporates a uniquely designed process that systematizes how porters or nurses function in the hospital by providing the nurses with information on the whereabouts of the porters, as well as who among them are open for new tasks.

With the nurses being able to focus solely on patient care and the work of porters maximized, the amount of time a specific delivery or transport of patients, equipments, specimens and the like decreases drastically, its developed said.

Aside from driving patient satisfaction up to whole new levels brought by the efficiency as well as lowering operational costs, hospital administrators can also easily identify who among the workforce is lagging behind. This kind of responsibility and transparency is backed by their intuitive and straightforward WiFi badges. The badges supply porters the orders that are relayed by the nurses and contain the location of the request’s origin, the kind of subject that will be transported, and the location where it is heading.

The nurse will have access to the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the nearest available porter, a blueprint of the hospital and real-time location of the porter, and the porter’s identification. If by any chance the porter chooses to remove the badge from his person, after a few seconds, the badge’s alarm system will be triggered.   

?The same way that Uber and Grab have changed the rules of the game in transport, Portzo is changing the rules of the game inside hospitals,” shared IceGen consulting CEO Anand Surana.

He said patients can now experience real urgency for their medical care while the healthcare facilities themselves gain a streamlined workflow which is earned by striking a perfect balance between the human touch and the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI).

The technology is pioneering but deceptively simple, it even takes only a few minutes to teach the workers on how it operates. Adoption of a newer technological infrastracture is also non-existent since all the system requires is a pre-existing WiFi network which is already present in almost all medical institutions.

“Globally, there is no technology which has automated the nurse’s and porter’s job. Now that the nurses and porters are happy, the patient satisfaction goes up. And if the patient satisfaction goes up, the revenue of the hospital goes up as well,” said Surana.

Powered by IceGen’s software and locally distributed by Radenta Technologies, a company that provides core solutions on technology integration, virtualization, and the cloud, Portzo is present in over 70 leading hospitals across nine countries and has served over two million patients now. In the local scene, partnerships are already in the works with some of the biggest medical institutions with new tie-ups set to be announced soon.

For its groundbreaking innovations and halving the time of transportation inside hospitals, the software has already reaped accolades like the Gold Award at the Hospital Management Asia Awards 2018; Intelligent Enterprise Awards for Quick ROI; NASSCOM Healthcare Transformation Award; and Medical Best Healthcare Innovation Award to date.


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