Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Survey: Online borrowers in PH prefer Samsung, Oppo

A new report from online lending firm Robocash Group has found that 25% of Filipinos prefer smartphones made by South Korean company Samsung.

The second place was taken by the Chinese smartphone brand Oppo with its low and middle-priced gadgets catching up with Samsung: they are used by 20% of Filipino smartphone users.

Other brands are ranked lower lagging behind significantly.

The findings were based on the data of more than 1.2 million unique visitors who have used smartphones to access to the company’s online loan service this year.

“In one respect, these results demonstrate the quality-price preferences of gadget owners. For instance, 7 models of the two mentioned brands are in the recent list of the Top 10 best smartphones in the country,” the company said.

“On the other hand, the findings confirm the popularity of online loans among young Filipinos,” it added, noting that about two-thirds of the company’s customers in the Philippines are under 35.

Meanwhile, apart from a moderate price, which is also characteristic of Samsung, Oppo is distinct in its marketing focus on young people.

However, with respect to the ratio of applicants to visitors, the owners of the Oppo smartphones don’t rush with an application.

Among the most popular brands here, Apple is leading: a share of iPhone users in the number of those who applied is 1.27 times higher than a similar share among visitors.

At the same time, owners of Apple devices have proved themselves to act as the most curious customers. The average number of pages they view during a session is 5.10, which is the maximum among more than forty most popular brands. At the same time, owners of Oppo view on average 4.26 pages, owners of Samsung — 4.19 and Xiaomi — 3.80.

Huawei and Asus lead among Top 10 brands with respect to the average session duration among users, while Filipinos using Xiaomi are the fastest to look through the Web pages.


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