Thursday, July 18, 2024

Samsung lifts curtains on latest editions of its foldable phones, wearables

Tech consumer giant Samsung formally introduced its newest line of foldable phones and wearables on Wednesday, July 10, at the Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris, France.

The global unveiling was led by TM Roh, president and head of mobile eXperience business at Samsung Electronics.

Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6

The new Galaxy Z Fold6 and the Galaxy Z Flip6 both feature a sleeker boxed edge and matte finish, compared to the previous versions.

The camera nodules have bigger outlines to add some protection to the lenses, and add a premium appeal to the phones. In the case of the Z Flip6, the camera outline features the same color as the phone for the added visual appeal.

In terms of dimensions, the Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 have the same size, compared to the previous versions, but the cover screen display is slightly larger, maximizing the cover screen. They are also slimmer and lighter than the previous models, with the Z Fold6 being almost similar in weight to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Despite being lighter and thinner, the phones’ durability has also improved. They feature Dual Rail Hinges to distribute force, a strengthened Folding Edge screen that could withstand twice the pokes and pressure, strong Armor Aluminum for the chassis, and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus2 for the front and back screens.

The folded screens now have raised edge around it to protect the screen from shock when closing.

Both the new Z series of phones use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for Galaxy, combining best-in-class CPU, GPU, and NPU performance. To handle the powerful processor, both phones are also equipped with vapor chambers for a cool gaming experience.

The Galaxy AI features give the users the ultimate mobile experience only Samsung could deliver. Their most-used feature is the “Circle to Search with Google” which allows the users to easily search images, translations, and even solve math equations, as they scroll along their feeds, simply by encircling the item.

With the Galaxy AI, the user would also be able to listen to a recording, take notes, and transcribe the audio, all at the same time with the “Transcript Assist” feature. They could also navigate through the recording to check the specific note for that portion, or navigate through the notes to see which portion in the recording it is ascribed to.

The “Sketch to Image” function leverages the folded dual screens, so you may draw anything you like, and the generative AI would take care of improving the image to your liking. The user may also add AI generated items to existing photos.

Speaking of photos, the FlexCam function makes it easier to take great selfies. The function autofocuses on the subject of the screen, adjusting as the user move around the area, and takes a shot with just a gesture.

The FlexWindow Wallpapers allows the user to generate wallpapers to the styles that they like. For the Z Flip6, the wallpapers could now be applied to the cover screen, with some interactive and animated wallpapers available in the Galaxy Store app.

The available colors for Z Fold6 are Silver Shadow, Pink, and Navy, while the Z Flip6 has Blue, Mint, Yellow, and Silver Shadow. However, if you order online through, you could avail the limited colors Crafted Black and White options for Z Fold6, and Peach option for Z Flip6.

Galaxy Watch Series

Aside from the phones, the new line of Samsung Galaxy also has wearable gadgets. The Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra both feature improved sleep, heart health, and fitness monitoring, compared to the older versions.

They also use a 3nm processor for better power usage, enhanced biosensors, dual GPS System for accurate tracking, and a battery that could last up to 48 hours on optimum usage, and 100 hours on power saver mode.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is built for rough outdoor use, since it has cushion design, a Titanium Grade 4 chassis, and could withstand a thermal range of -20°C to 55. Its screen could manage up to 3,000 nit brightness to remain readable under sunlight, and has a “Night Mode” watch face to avoid intense lighting in darkness.

The Galaxy Watch7 will be available in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. The Galaxy Watch7 40mm is available in Green and Cream, while the Galaxy Watch7 44mm is available in Green and Silver. Galaxy Watch Ultra will be available in a 47mm size in Titanium Gray, Titanium White and Titanium Silver.

Galaxy Buds3 Series

Lastly, Samsung also launched the latest Galaxy Buds3 and Galaxy Buds3 Pro. Aside from an adaptive equalizer, these buds use an AI-powered active noise cancelling (ANC), allows the minimization of noise, while keeping alarms, sirens, and voices recognizable for alertness.

The Buds3 Pro feature a 2-speaker and 2-amp set up for a more dynamic and full-range sound quality.

The nifty feature about the Galaxy Buds is linked to the “Listening Mode” of the Z series phones. The Z series could translate audio into text, to and from different languages.

The dual-sided screen makes it easier for the user to talk to another person, face-to-face, using different languages, with the translation displayed on both sides of the screen.

If the user is just listening to a speaker of a different language, the translation app could be linked to the Galaxy Buds, and directly translate the audio being received to the language the user prefers, right into their ears.

The Galaxy Buds3 series will be available in silver or white color options.

As of July 10, 2024, these new line of gadgets and wearables are available for pre-order in the Samsung Stores, and authorized retailers. General availability would start by July 31.


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