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Dell PH casts lot in cloud war with new hybrid offering

By Ram Superable Agustin

With the launch of its hybrid cloud platform at its annual customer event in Las Vegas, computer maker Dell has signified its intention to formally wage war against its competitors in the booming cloud business.

Dell EMC Philippines country general manager Ronnie Latinazo

In an exclusive interview with Newsbytes.PH, Dell EMC Philippines country manager Ronnie Latinazo said Dell Technologies Cloud is aimed at making hybrid cloud environments more maneuverable in deployment and management using a set of cloud infrastructure solutions.

With many companies struggling to develop an efficient and advantageous multi-cloud strategy, Latinazo said the Dell Technologies Cloud is specifically targeted at addressing the problems usually prevalent in operating multiple clouds.

First in the cloud infrastructure’s suite of solutions is the Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms. This is available globally and is the industry’s first jointly engineered hybrid cloud infrastructure stack that incorporates VMware’s flexible, full stack HCI architecture.

“We are coming out with an offering in the market that will allow to address the emerging consumption models of cloud. It’s a cloud-like consumption model,” said Latinazo. He likewise noted that the Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms can reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 47% in comparison with native public clouds.

According to Latinazo, the pay-per-use model called Dell Technologies Cloud Data Center-as-a-Service, will be made available first in the US, and eventually work its way to other countries. It is now currently in the beta stage.

The service will be delivered as VMware Cloud on Dell EMC with VxRail which combines the core technology of VMware and the Dell EMC VxRaIL to enable customers to consume infrastructure, much like a public cloud service, in data center and edge environments and removes the hassle of infrastructure management and maintenance.

“If customers have a consistent and flexible way of managing things, operational costs will go down. The flexibility to move around workloads that smoothly will be cost-efficient and contributes to the cost-savings,” he explained.

By the second half of 2019, limited customer availability is planned to be deployed for the service. The organizations that make use of the subscription-based pricing can take advantage of enterprise-grade data and add-on services which include backup, disaster-recovery and bursting capabilities.

“There are many use cases where companies who have adopted digital transformation and leveraged data as a key pillar of their strategy, have been successful in disrupting various industries in the market,” he said.

When asked how the customers will be able to adapt to the next advances in the technology moving forward knowing that they will eventually be shifting all workload in the cloud platform, Latinazo said the customization, development, and investment to a specific technology makes adapting to newer emerging technologies challenging. With Dell Technology Cloud Plaform however, users can shift their assets to newer technologies in the market in a shorter span of time.

“Right now, if you look at where the market is going, the end in view is really a hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environment. That’s the reason why we’ve thought of putting and offering this layer in the market to essentially address the need for flexibility in being ready for the future,” he said.


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