Manila city gov’t taps Eastern Communications for ‘MNLKonek’ digital kiosk

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The city government of Manila, in partnership with Eastern Communications, has launched the first “MNLKonek” digital kiosk at the Bonifacio Park near Manila City Hall. 

Unveiled by Manila mayor Isko Moreno, “MNLKonek” offers free WiFi connection, calls, and phone charging. Up to 100 users can sign in simultaneously and use free Internet for 30 minutes. The kiosk is also installed with CCTV cameras for security.

“I dealt with Eastern before during the time that I was the president of Vice Mayor’s Office. I’m happy with their connection and the bandwidth that was being provided,” shared Moreno.

Manila was Eastern Communications’ threshold into offering its primary services when it started, and through the years, the company has evolved and has been providing connectivity solutions nationwide.

In fact, Eastern Communications launched the first payphone in Manila in 1996 during its 425th founding anniversary. This year, the company has partnered again with the city to launch the first ever digital kiosk, dubbed as modern telephone booth.

“It is with pride and honor to have partnered with the local government of Manila and be a part of this milestone as the city takes a big step in improving the daily experience not only of Manileños but also of every Filipino that visits the place,” said Eastern Communications co-coordinator Aileen Regio.

“We believe that by providing a free WiFi connection, we enable the public to conveniently access information online wherever they are in Manila, thus fostering efficiency and catalyzing economic growth,” added Eastern co-coordinatior Ramon Aesquivel.

This story has been updated to reflect the new name of the project from “ISKOnek” to “MNLKonek”.

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