Tuesday, March 5, 2024

IDC predicts more IT spending on ‘edge computing’

More technology companies are expected to spend more on IT including solutions for edge computing, research firm IDC said.

IDC defines edge computing “an intermediate location between the core (cloud and/or traditional data centers) and connected edge devices (i.e., IoT sensors).”

Glen Duncan, IDC associate research director, citing an IDC report, said “By 2022, 40% of enterprises will have doubled their IT asset spending in edge locations and nearby co-location facilities versus core datacenters to deliver digital services to local users and things.“

Duncan said there are now “use cases” throughout Asia for edge computing.

For instance, edge computing is being used by retail giants in Thailand and Japan, particularly on “unmanned convenience stores,” in-store POS, artificial intelligence and IoT, among others.

In India, banking giant DBS is using edge computing on AI assistance and services, budgeting, offers, security and branch and kiosk touch points.

In Taiwan, the government is relying edge for “smart health care.” The country’s Ministry of Health and Welfare is using artificial intelligence combined with cloud computing to deliver health services, Duncan said.

Duncan further said “delivering and managing digital services at the edge will become a major job for many IT organizations.”

One catalyst for edge computing is that “enterprises globally are placing applications at edge locations include improving security, reliability, availability as well as modernizing infrastructure and lowering cost.”

Duncan said an IDC report indicated that this trend is particularly true for some 45% of tech firms in Asia.

IDC was one of the companies invited by French technology giant Schneider Electric in a global press event held in Singapore recently.

In the said event held, the company presented its own solutions centered around edge computing.

Kevin Brown, senior vice president of Schneider Electric for Schneider Electric, edge computing is “an architecture” and that company describes this architecture in “edge, edgier, edgiest” terms.

Schneider Electric’s own offering on edge computing includes local edge, regional edge, even a micro data center solution that is physically close to a user or customer.


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