IT solutions firm Yondu targets P1-B revenue in 2020

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IT solutions provider Yondu expects to hit a milestone revenue mark by 2020, according to Joan Penaflorida, the company’s CEO and president.

“In 2010, our revenue was at P109 million. After nine years, we’re looking at finishing almost P1 billion. We’ve grown a lot since then as a startup but the evolution was a long way for us as well,” she said.

Yondu CEO and president Joan Penaflorida

With more than 200 clients relying on Yondu across all its services, the company has grown from 119 employees to 800. Although last year they experienced a dip since the end of their value-added service (VAS) with staff augmentation contributing 30% of their revenue, the company was able to push through whereas most of their competitors were wiped out and went out of business.

Yondu’s product portfolio now includes managed and cloud services, cloud migration and security, HR solutions, IT staff augmentation and consulting, and mobile 360 among others. Currently, the company has 500 tech resources, technologies, and certifications with an in-depth presence in DevSecOps.

“Since Yondu has evolved greatly, we have all these other services that supported the entire business even without VAS. We are positioning Yondu as an IT provider for those who want to advance in the digital economy,” Penaflorida explained.

According to Yondu’s VP of enterprise solutions Ramon Hirang, the essence of their company is in being a technology company. He also mentioned that they are a software development house that provides and develops customized software for companies with existing application systems that are in need of modernization, as well as existing gaps that needs augmentation.

“Companies who have sensitive information are hesitant to put those information and data in the cloud. They want to make sure that their cloud partner or provider is really trustworthy. That’s what we’re trying to convey to our partners, that we are a trustworthy partner,” Hirang said.

By the end of this year’s Q4, the company is hopeful for a P940 million revenue. That would be 25% higher than in 2018. Meanwhile, 2020 is already being targeted for service expansion efforts.

“Our mission is to really provide happier technological experiences, and by happier, we mean whether it is developing a system for you, managing your existing system, or even providing people that will help you fulfill a project that you’re doing,” mentioned Gail Ocampo, Yondu’s head of talent solutions.

Aside from allowing businesses to be more agile in an ever-shifting environment through cloud services, as well as enterprise-grade ready-to-use platforms like HR Solutions that track attendance and simplify payroll, Yondu also covers mobile application and website development partnered with managed services for technical support.

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