Monday, May 27, 2024

Yondu rolls out e-commerce platform for creating online store

To address the increase in demand when it comes to e-commerce platforms, IT solutions company Yondu has introduced a service called Vessell that is specifically designed to provide business owners and start-ups with ready-to-use templates and tools for building and designing an online store.

Yondu Vessell

Yondu CEO Joan Penaflorida and Vessell product manager Alex Pelayo said one key aspect that users are prioritizing is the integration of logistics. To ensure that products are delivered safely and efficiently, Vessell is partnered with locally-known couriers Grab and Entrego.

“Many e-commerce platforms make it easier for businesses to integrate their digital stores with logistic providers through API. We see such initiatives to last even after the pandemic as businesses become more open to innovative solutions to future-proof their enterprises. Going digital, like adopting e-commerce solutions and maximizing tech integration, works wonders for companies that want to scale in the new normal,” noted Pelayo.

He also added that many companies today are also exploring ways on how to provide new services that they were not offering pre-pandemic as a way to remain relevant in the emerging business landscape. By prioritizing technological adoption and facilitating a remote working environment, the demand for e-commerce platforms by these companies continue to rise. 

In the same breath, a company like Yondu will also need to continuously upskill its workforce to keep up with the growing needs of its clients. Tech solutions in general, will require service providers to upgrade workforce competency and improve processes to thrive amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic. 

“Our organization enables both our technical and non-technical teams to remain competent through Yondu University’s training and certification programs. Through this company-led initiative, we ensure our workforce continues to observe the best industry practices and our products and services remain relevant,” Penaflorida shared.

Aside from its e-commerce platform builder, Vessell can also connect brands to the GCash marketplace to boost online presence market reach. The company also expressed its plans to make Vessell adaptable to any kind of business or industry down the road.


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