AMA online unit links up with SAS to offer analytics to students

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The online educational platform of tech school AMA has announced its partnership with software firm SAS to offer analytics courses for its students.

SAS Philippines country manager Ryan Guadalquiver (standing, left) speaks during the MOA signing between SAS and AMA OEd. Looking on are executives from AMA OEd and Thankral One

AMA Online Education (AMA OEd) said the SAS program will be initially offered to its 100,000 students who are all enrolled online. The school’s management may also offer the courses to its students in campuses around country.

The analytics courses will be mandatory for IT students but can be taken as an optional course by its non-IT students, according to AMA OEd chief operating officer Christopher Satulan.   

Thakral One, the exclusive reseller and implementation of partner of the SAS Academic Program in the Philippines, will train teachers from and AMA and provide practical support and generate insights for academic use.

The partnership opens up new paths of learning for both students and teachers through the analytics training, SAS program implementation, and usage and access to data science studies.

Jobs in the field of data science are up 29% this year, according to a 2019 LinkedIn Indeed report. SAS analytical skills are in great demand in the business world, as more companies utilize intelligence from predictive and other types of data analytics.

“We at SAS see the growth of the IT Industry in the Philippines, specifically in the area of data science,” said Ryan Guadalquiver, SAS country manager for the Philippines.

“By partnering up with AMA Online Education, we hope to better equip the next generation with the right skills and mindset to handle challenges that come with the ever-evolving workplace.”

Students participating in the program will fully experience SAS software, including on a home-use basis, giving them more time to develop an understanding of the tool. In addition, SAS will offer a wide range of accessible resources and studies for those completing their thesis or dissertations.

For educators, SAS will offer up-to-date modules to upgrade their analytical skills to fit today’s standards.

In addition to their online course, students will undergo a three-month intensive bootcamp designed to give them a deeper analytics knowledge and skills. After finishing the bootcamp, the graduates will be given preferred employment referral among SAS partner organizations in the fields of data science, computer analytics, and AI.

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