Friday, June 14, 2024

Fujitsu PH unveils smallest scanner for enterprise market

Fujitsu Philippines recently unveiled the latest addition to its scanner series — the fi-800R, which is the company’s smallest compact scanner.

Paula Vicente, Product manager for imaging products at Fujitsu Philipines, said the move to release a “unique” product for limited workspaces makes sense with the boom in the startup sector.

“It really targets the enterprise. For the region, we want to create a very unique model that can adapt for frontline usage, easier scanning for documents like passports, and other thick documents,” said Vicente.

The executive said that with co-working spaces increasing in number in the Philippines, there is a clamor among startups and SMEs for office equipment to be more compact and space-friendly.

“It’s a new vertical and still reachable,” she added, noting that most companies still want a digital copy for their documents. Especially for co-working spaces with limited office setup size, she said the scanner is a perfect fit because of its compact body and smaller footprint compared to scanners in its category.

The main features of the fi-800r, aside from its small form factor, include the Dual Path Mechanism which enables Return scan and U-Turn scan that ensures automatic scanning without having to switch often for a more continuous scanning operation.

For preventing multi-feed errors to separate documents, the Active Separation structure comes into play. On the software end, the device’s Paperstream IP driver and PaperStream Capture software are all updated versions to accommodate multiple scans with multiple application formats.


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