Monday, June 24, 2024

PH is site of Fujitsu’s first ‘Digital Innovation Hub’ in SE Asia

Organizations in the Philippines will now have access to technology experts and an innovative new digital center to experience the latest technologies, learn about new digital trends, and co-create solutions to their business challenges using the latest design-thinking methodologies, following the opening of the first Fujitsu Digital Innovation Hub in Southeast Asia.

The new hub for digital innovation is part of Fujitsu’s expansion of its global solutions and services to accelerate digital transformation under its co-creating program.

The company said it is seeking to help customers in the Philippines grow their businesses and solve societal issues through end-to-end IT solutions, providing them with access to technology and expertise in computing, networking, artificial intelligence, data and security, and converging technologies.

As part of the company’s plans to expand its co-creating program across Asia Pacific, Fujitsu Philippines is the first location in Southeast Asia to launch a Digital Innovation Hub to run co-design workshops and cater to the growing number of business innovators in the region.

This marks its third co-design facility in the Asia Pacific region, following its initial launch in Australia in 2019.

The Fujitsu Digital Innovation Hub is a collaborative space where organizations can draw on Fujitsu’s in-house expertise and an extensive partner ecosystem to brainstorm new ideas, create innovative concepts, and develop tailored solutions through interactive workshops.

At the core of the new service lies the methodology of Fujitsu’s design thinking approach, which aims to ensure its technology solutions meet business and user needs, following its co-design best practices.

The Fujitsu Digital Innovation Hub is equipped with interactive digital tools that complement traditional analogue-style workshops, providing an engaging environment for ideation, prototyping, and product testing.

This blend of digital and analog resources ensures that organizations can collaboratively explore and refine ideas effectively.

Raul “Cricket” Santiago III, managing director of Fujitsu Philippines said: “The Fujitsu Digital Innovation Hub will provide customers with access to top-tier business and technology specialists. We’re dedicated to addressing business challenges, from refining operations to enhancing customer experiences. This reflects Fujitsu’s commitment to innovation and our focus on becoming a trusted partner in digital experience and sustainability transformation.”

Santiago has also been appointed as the new head of Customer Success of Fujitsu in Asia Pacific, together with his existing role of Fujitsu Philippines managing director.

In this role, he will lead, develop, and manage the customer success program in the region to identify new business opportunities, deepen relationships with existing customers, and ensure a high-level of customer satisfaction.

The appointment underscores the growth potential of the Philippines market within Fujitsu’s operation in Asia Pacific.


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