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In search of best lending offers in PH financial market

There are times when people need money immediately. However, not everyone has extra cash to deal with unforeseen expenses such as emergency medical procedures or home repairs. There are also times when additional funds are needed to set up a business or buy new equipment needed for work.

A number of  Filipinos don’t have many options when it comes to getting cash on short notice. While borrowing money from relatives and friends is presented as the easiest way, it also comes with complications. For starters, they may not have extra money to spare or it may cause some tension if they think that you won’t be able to pay them back. Funds may also be raised by selling items on hand. Then again, there’s no guarantee that these will get you the amount of quick cash that you need. This is why it may be best if you get in touch with a lending company.

Understanding the work of lending companies

A lot of affordable loans are being advertised online. Most of them promise near-instant approval even for those who are unemployed people or those who have a less-than-ideal credit history. But the loan amounts are usually just small with short terms for payment and high interest rates.

In any case, microfinance has become increasingly popular among Filipinos. With more and more lending companies offering microloans, people have also become more familiar with them.

We’ve listed the advantages of getting microloans from lending companies.

  • The speed of processing. No need to wait for several days for approval by different specialists. Funds are issued almost instantly, usually within an hour from the moment of application.
  • Minimum documents. A microloan company does not require extra documents. 
  • No hidden fees. All amounts that are refundable are indicated in the contract. Payments are divided in equal parts for the crediting period. At the time of registration, the borrower clearly understands how much he needs to pay monthly to fully repay the loan.
  • Availability. Microloans are available even online without the need of personal visits. For unbanked Filipinos, the network of offices of lending companies is huge.
  • Confidentiality. The borrower does not ask for what purposes the money is required. It does not matter. In addition, a surety is not required, which means that none of the outsiders will be included into the history of lending. No third parties will be aware of the loan.
  • Possibility of getting the loan online. Some companies offer micro loans without the presence of a client in the office. An application is submitted online and is also considered online, and funds are transferred to a bank card. It is also possible to repay the loan in this way, you can transfer funds from a bank card while sitting at home at the computer. 

Making the right choice among hundreds of lending offers

There are a lot of companies providing microloans. Your task is to choose an option with favorable conditions, spending a little time on analyzing the microloan market. Caris Company is an independent financial portal, which helps you make these critical decisions.

According to surveys, about 73% of borrowers spend more time on choosing the lender than on application process. The Caris website is an information platform that saves time and effort on selecting financial products, and does not charge users for using the service. 

Here’s what it can do:

  • help users to compare and choose loans and other offers of financial institutions of the Philippines for free
  • cover financial news of the Philippines and the world
  • teach users how to handle personal finances
  • give full information about banks and other financial organizations

The main activity of the company is the first financial online supermarket, this is a new project for the Filipino financial market. Its free financial product selection and comparison tool is designed for end users and will help to pick up cash loans and microloans, compare loan rates and loan terms.


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