How VR is changing the online roulette industry

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There is no doubt that virtual reality (VR) has changed the landscape of gaming. 

VR is defined by Technopedia as a platform of “computer-generated environments or realities that are designed to simulate a person’s physical presence in a specific environment that is designed to feel real.” In other words, VR makes it possible for people to immerse themselves in the game in the same way that they would experience it in the real world. The players use virtual reality headsets and motion controllers or keyboards to navigate a 3D representation of whatever game they are playing. They literally get into the game.

Image credit: JESHOOTS-com (via Pixabay)

A Gadget Flow article pointed out: “While video games are an ideal platform for VR, they won’t be the only ones who can benefit from VR. Online gaming operators, for example, will be able to use VR technology to their advantage. Through VR, they’ll be able to provide their customers with a virtual experience unlike ever before.”

In the Philippines online roulette, more of which you can find on this page, is offered by Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators or POGOs. These are firms online gambling firms licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) but serve players who are outside the country. As such, being able to offer the VR experience would certainly draw more players.

So, what benefits does VR bring to online roulette? 

  1. It lets you escape. Many people play online roulette to unwind. It’s how they get their gaming therapy fix. With VR, the game becomes a totally personal and immersive experience. While players are on the game, they get to check out of the real world for a while and relax.
  2. It takes you anywhere. When you’re playing VR-powered online roulette, you can choose to be in a virtual casino that looks exactly like a regular casino. It has all the fixtures of a real world casino and is even populated by human dealers. However, you can also choose to play at a roulette table that is situated on another planet like, say, Mars. It makes your online roulette experience even more entertaining.
  3. It’s convenient. As long as you have the necessary equipment, you can get transported to your favorite online roulette game location anytime you wish. In his Tech Story article “How virtual reality can have an impact on online gaming,” Rohan Mathawan noted: “VR technology can finally provide the best of both worlds. The players will be able to enjoy the games at any given moment from the comfort of their home, without sacrificing part of the experience.”

That said, it looks like VR will become a permanent component of online roulette and online gaming in general.

According to the Global VR Gambling Market 2018-22 report released by UK-based market research firm Technavio, VR gambling is expected to become even more popular. It’s estimated to have a compound annual growth rate of nearly 55% by 2022. 

A Digital Connect Mag feature likewise asserts that VR is what is needed for the online gambling industry to further evolve. It said, “VR has entered at a time in the industry when it’s already in the prime, technology-wise. The online gambling sites already offer live casino features, where you can play games and interact with a real dealer in a casino setting. What VR has done is just built on this foundation.” 

As VR technology further evolves, so will its capacity to provide a fully interactive online roulette experience.

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