UP taps social media to release info, guidelines on Covid-19

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The University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman has released an advisory containing information on the dreaded novel coronavirus.

In a social media post, the state university released an infographic providing information such as the dangers of Covid-19 (the disease caused by the novel corona virus) and how to know the symptoms and what to do once these symptoms appear.

UP is also urging netizens to save the infographic and forward it to others using their cellular phones.

The advisory also contains telephone numbers that can be used for more information on the virus as well as a QR code.

Researchers from the state university, meanwhile, secured the green light for the use of novel coronavirus testing kit. The kit was developed by researchers from UP Manila and is seen as timely, as reports of cases of Covid-19 has now reached 35 confirmed cases.

In a statement, FDA director general Eric Domingo said the “increasing number of reported Covid-19 cases will require immediate diagnosis and monitoring. The kits are also expected to provide much-needed help to government laboratories as the number patients continue to grow.”

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