Sunday, May 26, 2024

SG tech firm calls on PH entities to join contact tracing platform

Singapore-headquartered Madison Technologies said it has launched CovCT, an independent contact tracing platform that aims to control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The platform, which kickstarted in Malaysia last week, allows the community to practice social responsibility and provide timely data to healthcare practitioners to better assist them to treat potential patients.

With the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) issued by the Philippine government to curb the spread of Covid-19, Filipinos are encouraged to stay home, observe physical distancing, and undergo self-quarantine if they have returned from abroad.

However, one individual from each household is allowed to leave their home to purchase essential items. This leaves room for the virus to spread as asymptomatic carriers come into contact with others.

During this period, contact tracing is key in controlling the spread of the disease. Though tedious and time-consuming, it is necessary to identify individuals to seek care at the fastest speed possible to allow medical intervention or quarantine scenarios.

“We built CovCT in a bid to provide authorities from different countries a solution to gather information on the movement and spread of the virus. If contact tracing is done well, it provides an early indicator of how best to plan and allocate scarce resources such as ICU beds, respirators, and medication,” said Praburaajan Selvarajan, CEO of Madison Technologies.

“For good contact tracing data to be gathered, everyone in their respective communities must do their part to fight this virus. We designed CovCT as a simple and easy to use system that allows users to enter information as soon as they scan a CovCT QR code at any of the locations that have enlisted on the platform, as more locations come on-board we hope to gather valuable information that could help health authorities across the globe stave off this pandemic.”

The company said it designed the CovCT platform to protect the safety of personal data. The data collected will be stored privately and anonymized on the platform and will not be shared with any individuals, businesses, or the locations where the users have checked in, it said.

“Instead, the data will be held in trust until requested by relevant local authorities who will, with their respective contact tracing protocols choose to contact these users,” the tech firm said.

Building management, business owners, and even community leaders from across the globe can join the platform by registering their venue on the CovCT website in three steps:

  • Scan the QR code at the location visited
  • Fill up the details required.
  • Ensure that your check-in is successful

Upon registration, a CovCT kit will be provided which includes instructions and the unique QR Code poster. This can be printed and placed around the surrounding area of the registrant’s location. It is encouraged that the locations ensure all visitors check-in and make any contact tracing effort more manageable for health authorities across the globe.


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