Monday, May 27, 2024

Online gadget shop Argomall transitions to e-commerce solutions firm Argo/Squad

Local conglomerate Transnational Diversified Group (TDG) is venturing into the e-commerce solutions business with the launch of Argo/Squad, the new reincarnation of its former online gadget store Argomall.

According to TDG information and communications technology (ICT) deputy president and Argo/Squad general manager Jared Remulta, despite the success Argomall saw during the last five years, they decided to pivot and transform the business into something that is more aligned with TDG’s deep expertise in B2B enterprise service delivery.

Argo/Squad, spearheaded by Remulta is an e-commerce solutions provider that enables enterprise businesses to tap into the potential for growth in the country’s $10-billion e-commerce industry.

Remulla said Argo/Squad combines the expertise and foresight honed by parent brand TDG which has driven and nurtured the growth of companies in a variety of industries, including logistics, travel and tourism, and technology over four decades; with the power and potential of the Magento Commerce platform. Argo/Squad is currently also the country’s sole Adobe/Magento Solutions Partner.

According to Remulta, businesses, particularly those in retail, are constantly challenged to develop sustainable and adaptive solutions by increasingly frequent and complex disruptions.

“Today more than ever, the need for businesses to be able to adapt to changing environments shaped by shifting consumer habits, mounting capital expenditures, and geographical and logistical limitations, to name a few, is more pronounced.” he said.


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