Sunday, May 26, 2024

Survey: Zoom is top video messaging tool in PH during pandemic

A new survey from e-commerce firm Picodi showed that Zoom was the top video-conferencing tool in the Philippines during the Covid-10 pandemic although most countries in Asia preferred WhatsApp.

In Asia, the survey found that since the coronavirus restrictions began in many countries, interest in messaging clients increased as many as five times.

The undisputed leader in the region was WhatsApp which was the most frequently searched messaging app in 12 countries. WhatsApp took the lead across the continent, from Pakistan, through Hong Kong, to Indonesia. The explosion of interest in this green messenger was also noted in countries like Nepal, Singapore, Bangladesh, or Papua New Guinea.

In eight countries — including the Philippines — the most popular messaging client was Zoom. Interest in this app skyrocketed mostly in the Asia-Pacific countries, such as Japan, New Zealand, or Brunei.

On the other hand, Taiwanese turned out to be fans of the messaging veteran — Line. It also gained great popularity in Thailand.

WeChat won in Bhutan and Myanmar was the only place where Viber took first place among other messaging clients.

The research was based on comparison of search queries of 19 messaging clients which enable video chatting. Historical data was obtained through Google Keyword Planner.


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