Thursday, July 25, 2024

PH-developed app allows firms to monitor health status of workers

Filipino-owned software firm Pointwest Technologies said it has developed a new mobile app that can help private enterprises determine the risk level, as well as the overall health status, of their employees in relation to Covid-19.

According to Pointwest, its “HealthPass” app has a continuous monitoring system that tracks an employee’s vital signs, allowing companies to identify those that have a probability of either being Covid-19 positive or negative.

Through the app, companies are supplied with a “health score” — a rating calculated by the system based on manual input of data by the attending company nurse or the patients themselves through a designated portal.

Random sessions either via telemed (for work-from-home employees) or by the company nurse validates the vitals that have been entered by the employees, minimizing inaccurate information, it added.

The accumulated health score corresponds to a color-coded HealthPass which an employee can access using the mobile app. The mobile app combines the features of telemedicine and electronic medical record to capture the employee’s vitals, Pointwest pointed out.

The HeathPass pass uses iPatienctCare, a US-branded electronic health record software, for its telemed and electronic medical records. The health information of the employee is stored at the iPatientCare site and not on the phone.

Pointwest said the HealthPass app adds a layer of health screenings available to companies on top of the temperature check done outside premises and the mandatory wearing of face masks. “The app provides companies with higher confidence about the health status of their employees, ensuring that everyone is monitored properly,” it said.


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