Mobile phone survey finds 87% of Filipinos worry catching Covid-19

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A Social Weather Stations (SWS) Covid-19 mobile phone survey revealed that 87 percent of Filipinos are worried that anyone in their immediate family might catch Covid-19, while 13 percent are not worried about catching the virus.

Compared to past SWS surveys, worry about catching Covid-19 is greater than worries about catching Ebola at 82 percent in 2014, swine flu at 82 percent in 2009, bird flu at 83 percent in 2006 and 80 percent in 2004, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) at 78 percent in 2003.

The mobile phone survey also found that 94 percent are aware of Covid-19 symptoms, most commonly fever and cough.

The SWS survey was conducted using mobile phone and computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) of 4,010 working-age Filipinos nationwide: 294 in the National Capital Region, 1,645 in Luzon, 792 in the Visayas, and 1,279 in Mindanao.

SWS said the area estimates were weighted by the Philippine Statistics Authority medium-population projections for 2020 to obtain the national estimates.

The ECQ and GCQ area classification cited in survey was based on Executive Order 112, which had the following areas under ECQ up to May 15, 2020: NCR, Region III (except Aurora Province), Region IV-A, Benguet, Pangasinan, Iloilo, Cebu, Bacolod City, and Davao City. All other areas in the country that were not in the list were classified under GCQ.

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