Tuesday, May 21, 2024

AI, machine learning crucial in post-Covid era: AWS

With the “new normal” reinforcing the need for companies to adopt digital strategies, cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has emphasized the important role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the post-pandemic world.

Santanu Dutt, head of technology for Southeast Asia at AWS

Santanu Dutt, head of technology for Southeast Asia at AWS, said the next step for companies who are developing their digitization plans is to leverage on AI and ML.

To illustrate the power of these technologies, Dutt cited a case in which AI in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) was used to determine the environmental outcomes that can potentially impact business operations by identifying which forests are dry and susceptible to fires.

With parcel delivery services becoming popular during the community quarantines, Dutt said an ML service like Amazon SageMaker can also contribute significantly to a delivery company’s planning and operations by optimizing organizational needs and delivery routes.

A major pain point for enterprises, Dutt said, is the building and training process of ML models. But the AWS SageMaker, he said, can take care of the heavy lifting at every stage of the ML process, ultimately putting out high-quality models as compared to the more complex traditional ML development.

With an ML and AI-backed strategy that takes the steering wheel when it comes to enterprise forecasting and operations optimization, Dutt said customers are given the option to manage resources and services tailor-fit to their operational models.

But Dutt said scaling with ML-capable technology is just half the battle. Organizations, he added, must also have parallel solutions with development teams fully geared up to be ML practitioners. Upgrading technology, he said, is on the same boat with upskilling initiatives, especially now after the world was caught off guard and thrust to a more digital-centric landscape.


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