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AWS DevOps Guru Philippines

AWS introduces DevOps Guru powered by machine learning

In a nutshell, utilizing machine learning can help developers detect operational issues automatically, while at the same time being recommended specific actions needed for remediation. Amazon DevOps Guru is able to accomplish this feat through automated collection and analysis of the organization’s application metrics, logs, events, and behavior that deviate from normal operating patterns.

AWS bares DeepRacer Women’s League winners for PH

The AWS DeepRacer League, which is exclusive to women, is the first autonomous racing league that is set on the global stage. It introduces an advanced machine learning technique called reinforcement learning through a virtual and autonomous 3D racing simulator.

AI, machine learning crucial in post-Covid era: AWS

With the “new normal” reinforcing the need for companies to adopt digital strategies, cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has emphasized the important role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the post-pandemic world.

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