Friday, June 14, 2024

Lenovo, Microsoft set out to transform PH classroom

PC manufacturer Lenovo has inked a tie-up with software titan Microsoft for a digital transformation initiative on education, specifically for access to e-learning programs. 

Through the EdVision program, Lenovo Philippines and Microsoft seek to provide a springboard for the transition to e-learning activities. At the same time, the goal is to make that access inclusive for many Filipino students regardless of their background.

As an attempt to achieve these two, the program will select a number of pioneer schools that will receive free access to online resources, resources specifically oriented to aid the educational transformation journey of the chosen educational institutions.

In line with this access, there will be either a complimentary or subsidized access to the latest solutions in the education tech sphere.

As Lenovo has yet to post the specifics of the program in its website, partner schools will be able to participate in the company’s press conferences and outreach activities such as the EdVision summit, acquire subsidy for the deployment of a Smart Classroom setup, support for faculty education, and a conduct a “classroom make-over”.

Based on a recent report from the World Economic Forum, more than half of all employees in the global scale will require significant reskilling and upskilling over the next three years. In order to provide a more tailor-fit and flexible component in the program, the Lenovo Smart Classroom will be made up by a slew of Lenovo devices – both hardware and software – to match the individual needs of partner schools.

“Lenovo understands the challenges schools face in transforming education and implementing new models of teaching, learning, and collaboration while managing cost, efficiency, and security,” said Lenovo Philippines president and general manager Michael Ngan.

Ngan said the future of the current generation of students depends on the concept of technology-driven education. He noted that most students today will be entering careers that may have not even be imagined or created yet.

The EdVision program will kick off in the Philippines, which will be then followed by Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Microsoft Philippines country general manager Andres Ortola said the program is just one of many instances that their company has worked with academic institutions to enable remote learning.

“Microsoft is deeply committed to the cause of education, especially during this challenging time. This partnership with Lenovo will power personalized learning that will empower the future members of the workforce with the skills and tools they will need to achieve more and succeed. We are investing in education now and for the future,” Ortola said.


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