Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sky Cable to stop satellite TV service, asks NTC to reconsider CDO

Sky Cable said on Tuesday, June 30, that it will comply with the cease and desist order (CDO) issued by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) stopping the company from operating its direct-to-home (DTH) broadcast satellite service immediately.

The stoppage order only covers the DTH service, which is mostly deployed in remote areas and operates under the brand Sky Direct. It does not cover the regular cable TV service of Sky Cable.

The Lopez-owned cable operator, however, asked the NTC to extend the same benefit that it gave to other broadcast firms that were allowed to continue operating while their franchise applications were being heard by the legislature.

“In the spirit of fairness, we continue to appeal to the NTC to extend the same privilege given in the past to other companies whose franchises have expired but are currently pending in Congress to continue its operations until a resolution is passed,” the company said in a statement.

The cable firm said SkyDirect’s 1.5 million subscribers nationwide, including those in remote areas that do not receive television signals, will be affected by the CDO.

The company said it will refund unconsumed prepaid loads and advance postpaid payments of its subscribers. “We appeal to our Sky Direct subscribers and partners for understanding and patience as we undergo this process,” it said.


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