Friday, March 1, 2024

University of Cagayan Valley taps PLDT to support e-learning platform

The University of Cagayan Valley (UCV), a tertiary education institution in Tuguegarao City, announced that it has tapped PLDT Enterprise for its e-learning platform.

Officials of University of Cagayan Valley led by its president Dr. Susan Esther N. Perez-Mari and chairman of the board Dr. Victor Perez has tapped PLDT Enterprise to enable e-learning for its students and teachers

UCV said it has availed of Microsoft Learning Management System (LMS) licenses from PLDT Enterprise to be used by its faculty and students. The school has been a partner of PLDT Enterprise for connectivity and communication services since 2010.

“We want to help UCV amplify its vision to become a citadel of teaching-learning and public research, linking the people of Cagayan Valley to the nation and the world. We want to help UCV achieve this vision by introducing an innovative tool that would help students become locally and globally comparable despite the global pandemic caused by Covid-19,” said Jovy Hernandez, head of PLDT Enterprise business group.

Through LMS, UCV will be able to deliver instruction on the Microsoft 365 platform through SharePoint and Teams to provide a familiar environment for staff members, faculty, and students.

Aside from Microsoft LMS 365, UCV is also availing the PLDT Smart connectivity to be made available as soon as the enrolment is finalized.

“Every man, irrespective of creed and economic status, has the inherent right and access to quality education. We appreciate that PLDT is one of our partners in the voyage of UCV in finding the best alternative solutions for both our students and our faculty,” UCV president Susan Esther N. Perez-Mari said.


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