Monday, May 27, 2024

VMware boosts partner ecosystem with portfolio enhancements

Virtualization software maker VMware updated its Workspace One and VMware Cloud services with solutions meant to strike a balance between flexibility and innovation.

VMware cloud service updates

With mobile platform adoption becoming an increasing challenge for growing businesses and organizations, the company aims to mobilize its local partners in helping customers navigate the “new normal” landscape.

VMware Philippines country manager Walter So said that as the situation evolves, their customers must continue in their journeys of adapting to newer business and operational models, even the very concept of work. So also highlighted the importance of maintaining a secure environment for an organization’s workforce.

“As our customers continue to adapt their business and operational models to the evolving situation, the very concept of work has also changed accordingly. In this new normal, customers need employees who are able to work seamlessly in a secure environment, anywhere, anytime.”

There are four main pillars in VMware’s approach for strengthening collaboration with its partners – Digital Workspace solutions, enterprise application improvement, enhancing capacity elasticity, and endpoint security.

Digital Workspace solutions will facilitate seamless access to critical applications on personal devices while enterprise application performance is accelerated to keep up with remote connection increase.

With more support for personal devices, new remote users go live, and this number is directly proportional to the level of service demand. Customers will then require a more elastic scaling capacity, and at the same time, retain secure remote access to their organization’s assets. 

“Our partners continue to act as trusted advisors, helping customers adapt and thrive in this environment. In the past few months, they have helped to set up remote working capabilities, architect cloud and app infrastructure, and deploy intrinsic security solutions for many in a matter of weeks, and sometimes sooner. We are extremely grateful for their tireless efforts,” So said.

The updated cloud portfolio consists of VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, VMware Cloud on AWS, Google Cloud VMware Engine, the VMware Cloud Foundation stack, VMware vRealize Automation Cloud Service, and VMware Carbon Black Cloud.


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