Lazada prepares for its biggest ‘11.11’ one-day sale yet

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Back in 2013, e-commerce firm Lazada made its first “11.11” debut in the Philippines – the inaugural event that gave consumers access to exclusive deals for a month. By 2018, what was previously a month-long event had evolved into the biggest one-day sale of the year that is highly anticipated by consumers.

Lazada’s 11.11 Shopping Festival has become an online shopping craze, keeping Filipino consumers excited as they wait in anticipation for massive discounts, exclusive deals. It has become a part of consumers’ lifestyles as they seek entertainment through various “shoppertainment” initiatives such as LazGames and LazLive livestream shows on the platform.

So, what does Lazada’s biggest one-day sale mean to consumers? What can consumers look forward to this year, and is the hype merited?

Since Lazada’s first-ever 11.11, the number of shoppers and sellers have grown by an average of five times year-on-year. The app’s growth in adoption by consumers is driven by tech innovations that Lazada has been able to launch over the past years, such as search-image function, in-app games, and livestreaming.

“I’ve been an avid 11.11 shopper since its Online Revolution sale back in 2016, and a lot has changed since. Lazada offered new in-app games and features such as Shake It, Balloon Pop, LazGames, Price Slash, Guess It and many more, that us consumers can enjoy and take advantage of to win vouchers and earn coins. This upcoming 11.11 sale, I’ll be purchasing items for my family including household suppliers, printer for our business, furniture, vitamins, as well as bond paper for my sister who is a teacher,” entrepreneur Gennise Leybag shares.

For most, this one-day sale is something they look forward to, as they can shop from an enhanced assortment on the platform and snag deals at the lowest possible price.

“I started shopping at Lazada’s 11.11 sale last 2016. I love shopping during 11.11 because I can avail my needs and favorite items at a discounted price. As of date, I have already added to cart a lot of Christmas gifts not just for myself, but for my family and friends as well. 11.11 sale is really the best day to buy Christmas gifts and decorations,” said student John Raven Ramos.

“For someone like me who lives far from the city, Lazada has really made it convenient for me to shop for the things I like and need. Every year I make sure to really shop during Lazada’s 11.11 sale, I would usually save throughout the year so I can really splurge during 11.11. Because why not? A lot of products are on sale plus I can really shop for gifts for my family in time for Christmas,” seasonal online seller Vergie E. Golandrina shared.

A day left before the biggest one-day sale, items such as the Korean style square pants, high waist jeans, Samsung Galaxy M31 Smartphone, Tala by Kyla University Series Collection, and plain jogger pants are appearing to be the popular items added to cart by customers ahead of Lazada’s biggest one-day sale.

In addition, ahead of 11.11, more than 2.5-million customers were already able to collect the free shipping vouchers available on the app.

As part of Lazada’s biggest one-day sale, a star-studded Super Show will be staged on November 10, from 9 PM to 12 AM and livestreamed on the Lazada app via LazLive. It will also be broadcasted on Cinema One, Kapamilya Channel, and GMA 7, where over P11-million worth of vouchers will be given away from 9 PM to 11 PM during the Lazada’s Super Voucher Giveaway Pre-Show. More than P5-million worth of vouchers and a brand-new Honda City will be given away during Lazada’s 11.11 Super Show from 11 PM to 12 MN.

Consumers in the Philippines can also play Lazada’s newest in-app game called Happy Bounce, which requires shoppers to control a “Kitty” avatar by swiping left and right, to collect Lazada coins and brand vouchers.

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