Friday, May 31, 2024

Pinoy app plans to rival social media giants with omnichannel approach

A local group in Nueva Ecija is set to launch a mobile application called NextGen, which is essentially a communication app that integrates other core functions and services similar to “super apps” like Grab or Line.

NextGen App by the FRM Group

Aside from being a social media platform with the standard messaging and videoconferencing features, NextGen will also be including a hotel booking service, buy and sell, job postings, and even its own music player, according to its proponent FRM Holdings and Investments.

In contrast to the usual route of super apps where the identity is established from a single function, i.e. Grab as a ride-hailing service or Line as a chatting app, the NextGen app will be making all of its services available at launch.

With the goal of providing convenience for users by removing the need to switch between multiple apps, the presence of the platform also serves a more potentially lucrative endgame – it consolidates all of the FRM Group’s foray in several types of businesses.

“In our era, technology enables us to simultaneously integrate these capabilities. This is why we call it NextGen, because it will become the application for the next generation. Every year, our traditional apps will update, but what if we combine these apps into one?” replied FRM founder and CEO Falwell Manzano when asked how the unconventional development route was made.

Manzano also hinted at micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as being his priority regarding the partnerships that come in the platform. Since employers can hunt for potential employees by posting job opportunities and users can also book hotel reservations and accommodations, the more immediate plan in the pipeline is to secure partnerships with hotels and banking institutions.

The company is optimistic that the “app folder turned app” will reach at least 300,000 downloads for its first year. The NextGen app by the FRM Group will make its debut on the Google Playstore and eventually followed by an iOS release.


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