Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Radenta joins Microsoft’s Asenso Pilipinas 2021

Local IT solutions integrator Radenta Technologies has announced it is joining Microsoft’s Public Sector Cloud Summit “Asenso Pilipinas 2021: Building Digital Resilience” from 9am-12noon on Thursday, January 28.

Michelle Lasam, business operations manager for the Microsoft line at Radenta, will start her talk at 11:20am as part of Learning Track 1 titled “People: Close the Skills Gap and Enhance Employability”.

Lasam will present some of Radenta’s top-tier digital transformation solutions:

  • HEMP, a human resource information system;
  • GRIPS, a resource planning system integrated with the government system;
  • LP+365, an e-learning platform; and
  • InstantVitals, an AI-powered health and wellness solutions

HEMP or the Human Empowerment Equals Happy Employees is a seamless, customized and scalable touch-of-a-button solution that offers features like HR and Payroll, Performance Assist, Employee Accounting, Staff Hub and Biometrics Security. It allows business owners and team leaders to be fully in touch and collaborating with its workforce 24/7.

GRIPS or the Government Resource Integrated Planning System, on the other hand, is a resource planning system that is comprehensive, fully customizable and scalable, developed and integrated with only the Philippine government process in mind. It integrates Budget, Procurement, Contract Management, Inventory and Fixed Assets, Accounting, HRIS and Payroll processes.

The LP+365, meanwhile, is a learning collaboration platform developed by Learning Possibilities, a global social enterprise focused on improving learning outcomes using education technology and Microsoft. LP+365 transforms Office 365 into a school’s Learning Management System. It is flexible and adaptable and provides provisioned classes and subjects. It has an auto provisioned Class Notebook for personalized learning, has multi-lingual interface and is designed to drive the Microsoft experience for future employment.

Lastly, InstantVitals is the world’s first smart mobile-based app that provides advanced healthcare risk assessment and Covid-19 screening for institutional and personal use.  It comes with an embedded artificial intelligence (AI) that can measure oxygen saturation, resting heart rate and respiratory rate in approximately 20 to 50 seconds with a 98% accuracy.

Asenso Pilipinas 2021 aims to build a vision that will enable the different divisions and sectors of the government to accelerate growth and achieve digital transformation on a national scale. The summit will showcase all the new and innovative solutions available to re-invent, re-imagine and transform the framework and the processes in the public sector business.

To know how Radenta Technologies can spur your company’s digital transformation call (02) 8535-7801, 0917 543-4765, email, log on to or visit https://www.facebookcom/radentatechnologies.


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