Monday, June 24, 2024

BPI subsidiary launches ‘Wealth Radio’ podcast channel on Spotify

BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation (AMTC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), is has launched its revamped podcast channel, Wealth Radio, on Spotify in order to reach a wider audience and help Filipinos with their finances and investment journey.

BPI AMTC president Sheila Marie Tan

A free and accessible digital tool for financial education, Wealth Radio offers a convenient source of comprehensive information where everyone can find quality bite-sized content that will help them navigate the intricacies of managing and growing their wealth.  Wealth Radio aims to be a haven for anything finance.

Sheila Marie U. Tan, BPI AMTC president, said Wealth Radio is a strategic approach to educating, informing, and connecting with more people, especially younger Filipinos who want to start their investment journey and are interested in better understanding even the most basic concepts of investing. 

“Podcasts have proven to be effective in engaging and reaching a wider audience through relevant and entertaining content. With Wealth Radio, we do not only share stories and insights to inform, but also provide our listeners with opportunities to reflect on their personal development when it comes to attaining financial freedom,” Tan said.

“Our presence on Spotify enables anyone to freely access high-quality, practical financial tips to help them have a safe and secure investment journey. We specifically chose this platform because audio listening overall is very popular among Filipinos. A YouGov survey found that 85% of Filipino adults listen to music or podcasts on a daily basis,” Tan added.

Wealth Radio will feature a curated line-up of topics such as The Morning View, a daily dose of financial news giving you fast facts on the go; Wealth Watchers, a monthly market recap to synergize and strategize your growth goals; Investment Jargon Buster, which simplifies and strips down complex investment concepts for you; and Investment Insights, which offers exclusive interviews with expert speakers and industry champions where listeners can learn secret tricks of the trade in finances.

BPI AMTC is the largest stand-alone trust corporation in the Philippines with over P850 billion in assets under management.

Follow Wealth Radio on Spotify and catch fresh episodes of The Morning View daily beginning February 1, 2021, or browse through its Podcast library and tap “play” to start listening.


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