Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Wattpad, Spotify tie-up launches Pinoy webnovelist podcasts

Online story platform Wattpad has just teamed up with streaming audio service Spotify to bring Filipino and Indonesian webnovelists their own podcasts.

Photo from Ketut Subiyanto/

The partnership is expected to signal-boost the reach of Wattpad’s creative content beyond its existing 90 million userbase through Spotify’s platform, one of the world’s most popular audio subscription services with over 400 million users worldwide.

“Southeast Asia is home to many of the most successful and influential authors on Wattpad,” said Kelly O’Mara, director of account management for Wattpad brand partnerships.

“As Wattpad’s first major podcast deal in Asia, our partnership with Spotify will fuel our fans’ love for the literary world through audio. Wattpad’s authors have built enormous global fandoms for their work, writing stories that will continue to inspire a generation of readers.”

“Indonesia and the Philippines are brimming with creativity and brilliant storytellers” added Carl Zuzarte, Spotify head of studios for Southeast Asia.

“This is why we’re thrilled to work with Wattpad to bring their authors to Spotify where they’ll have a chance to take listeners deeper into their craft, inspiration and lives. By adding podcasts to their Wattpad webnovels, it will allow the authors to engage with their fans in a unique way and reach new fans and listeners.”

Among the featured podcasts is “Love and Wander with Tina” in which Filipino author Ma. Cristina Lata, who discusses love and other topics, and shares fan letters and comments on her work.


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