REVIEW | Sudio Nio Aurora Limited Edition TWS earbuds

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Sudio, a Scandinavian brand of wireless earphones and headsets, has officially lifted the curtains on its limited edition Sudio Nio Aurora true wireless stereo earbuds offering. The new emerald color variant was presented in Sudio’s free virtual concert, representing the aurora borealis in Sweden as a symbol of hope during the pandemic.

Sudio Nio Aurora TWS earbuds

The Sudio Nio Aurora shares the same features as the first variants released at an earlier date – Nio Black, Nio White, Nio Green, and Nio Sand. The earbuds are compatible with both Android and iOS, feature a total playtime of up to 20 hours, a built-in dual microphone system, a 10-meter range, and Bluetooth 5.0 support.

Sudio Nio Aurora TWS earbuds

With a P3,800 price tag, the new Sudio Nio Aurora can be acquired with free worldwide shipping, and comes with three years international warranty with Sudio. There are three battery cells in total – one per earphone and a single cell inside the charging case.

One of the more eye-catching features of the Nio Aurora is its background noise cancelling. The 10mm drivers with two vents are able to relieve pressure on the ears and deliver better bass. It also has good water resistance, and offers six extra wingtips to make sure it’s a snug fit for any user.

Sudio Nio Aurora TWS earbuds

When placed side-by-side with the AirPods made by Apple, the resemblance is uncanny. Without its silicon interchangeable wingtips, the Sudio Nio Aurora shares several design cues from the more premium AirPods.

The charging case also looks similar to Sudio’s older and pricier Sudio Ett offering – with the only difference being the Nio only having a single LED battery indicator to the Ett’s four. There are also battery indicators on each earbud, a handy feature for checking connection status as well. The factory reset button is beneath the case, a good choice to prevent accidents, and on the right side is a USB Type-C port.

The overall feel of the case is compact and is satisfying to open and close one-handed. The curves on the earbuds inside the case makes it tricky getting them out but the tips add an extra layer of grip. When it comes to music, however, removing the tips actually deliver a fuller, more crisp sound experience.

Sudio Nio Aurora TWS earbuds
Sudio Nio Aurora TWS earbuds


The Sudio Nio Aurora has undeniably good sound quality, held back by the lack of noise-cancellation and an ineffective background noise filter. Despite that, the earbuds are definitely premium looking; powered by an excellent battery life inside a conveniently-sized charging case. Priced for only P3,800, the Nio Aurora is practically a steal compared to its pricier competition that offer a similar experience.


  • Sound is crisp and detailed
  • AirPods-like premium design
  • Quick pairing speed
  • Long battery life
  • Good charging case size
  • USB-Type C port


  • Background noise filter from dual mics is a hit-or-miss
  • No noise-cancelling
  • Uncomfortable tips
  • Short Bluetooth range

The virtual concert can still be viewed at Use the code NEWSBYTESPH to get 15% off for any purchase made on the website.

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