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Synology unveils new solutions merging on-prem and cloud

In its latest push to help manage and protect valuable data, Taiwanese data management firm Synology has announced the launch of the DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.0 and the expansion of the Synology C2 cloud platform.

Synology Asia Pacific sales director Joanne Weng

“The amount of data created each year is growing faster than ever before. According to Gartner research, the world’s unstructured data will increase to a 175 zettabytes by 2025,” Synology Asia Pacific sales director Joanne Weng said a press briefing on Thursday, June 24.

“With the pace of the data growth, we have to start considering how to take care of them. Not just storing data, but managing it in a more efficient way.”

DSM is a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) operating system, which powers more than eight million Synology data management solutions deployed worldwide. It combines storage interoperability, backup and data protection capabilities, and synchronization and collaboration solutions to address increasingly distributed workplaces and sources of data.

The DSM 7.0 is the latest update for Synology’s suite of Edge Computing solutions. Among the upgrades in the DSM 7.0 are its Peta Volume and Secure SignIn.

Peta Volume is a solution for data critical environments that delivers petabyte-sized storage. By utilizing this increased storage capacity, enterprises can centralize their data while shelving the possibility of data migration for years. The Secure SignIn update, meanwhile, offers security enhancements through multifactor authentication methods.

“The bulk of our innovations over the past two decades primarily targeted on-prem solutions. But we also understand the many benefits of hybrid and even complete cloud native products, including lower upfront costs, easier scalability, and practically no hardware maintenance,” said Synology C2 product manager Shelina Hsieh.

The DSM 7.0 also features new hybrid cloud services that work in tandem with the C2 platform expansion. These new services are Active Insight, which allows users to monitor their data real time, Hybrid Share, which enables cross-site sharing, and C2 Identity, a hybrid cloud directory as a service that simplifies cross-site domain management.

Active Insight is a cloud-hosted, large-scale device monitoring and diagnostics platform. On it, enterprises can keep watch of the health of their NAS system by receiving performance and diagnostics data about their globally distributed NAS in real time. Active Insight additionally offers actionable steps companies can take to troubleshoot minor issues before they hinder operations.

Hybrid Share facilitates quick file sharing and retrieval by connecting on-prem NAS with scalable Synology C2 Cloud storage. For businesses with multiple branches, this solution offers on-demand file synchronization by offloading the bulk of the synchronization process to C2, eliminating the need for direct file transfers between branches.

Moreover, the C2 platform’s high availability and redundant architecture makes it a secure and dependable file synchronization location.

“Overall, Hybrid Share is a reliable and secure file synchronization solution that empowers scalability and reduces bandwidth costs,” stated Synology product marketing manager Stuart Crowley.

C2 Identity is a centralized, cloud-hosted identity management service. It allows companies to use and manage one set of credentials to access all the tasks they need to accomplish.

The solution tackles both on-prem and cloud-hosted services including Windows, Mac OS, Synology NAS, and any Internet services. It even offers device management tools for connected Windows and Mac OS systems, helping IT Teams define system policies, such as screen lock timers, deploying software, and initiating remote data wipes for stolen devices.

Unlike traditional directory services, C2 identity is not locked to allow only local access. End-point devices can connect securely to C2 servers.

These hybrid cloud solutions connected to the DSM are not the only features added to the latest C2 Cloud Expansion. Standalone solutions include C2 Password, C2 Backup, and C2 Transfer which respectively protect passwords, back up any endpoints and common SaaS cloud services, as well as allow users to securely share sensitive files.

The company also disclosed during the briefing that it would be starting work on a new data center based in Taiwan. The facility will expand the availability of its cloud platform to the Asia Pacific Region by bringing the C2 portfolio of services closer to the end-users in the region, thereby reducing latency and improving the user experience.

“DSM 7.0 and the new C2 expansion bring forward Synology’s new outlook on data management,” Synology founder and CEO Philip Wong asserted. “We will continue pushing the boundaries even further with closer integration, bringing out the best of both on-premises and cloud architectures together.”

The DSM 7.0 was officially released on Tuesday, June 29, and the new C2 services were made available immediately afterwards.


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