Thursday, February 29, 2024

Stratpoint partners with nOps to bring cloud business in PH

Software firm Stratpoint recently announced its partnership with AWS SaaS platform provider nOps in entering the cloud management market in the Philippines and the rest of the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.


With the Cloud First Policy amendments on June last year, major developments are now being taken towards cloud realization in the country. Based on the newly released numbers from the German statistics portal Statista, the Philippines is ranked number 11 in the region with a total Cloud Readiness Index (CRI) score of 55.3 and tenth for the cloud regulation segment with a score of 23.2.

Despite this uptrend and positive attitude towards technology-driven innovations and cloud adoption in particular, the challenge to implement cloud strategies remain prevalent for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Some of the more well-known hurdles include new security issues stemming from the increase in data volume, inability to comply with technical requirements and skills, and failing to maintain oversight and administrative control of cloud computing resources and services.

The increased use of cloud-based applications can potentially meet modern customer requirements like remote access and security, and cloud service providers provide the means to move on-prem applications to the cloud. Without proper management of cloud resources and assets, organizations run the risk of sacrificing security, performance, efficiency, or even paying unnecessary costs.

Stratpoint’s partnership with nOps, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, enables the former to execute AWS infrastructure assessments like the AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews, at a much shorter turnaround time. This process enables customers to identify and remediate high-risk issues (HRIs) with an architecture that can fullr leverage AWS technology.

This inked partneship encompasses collaboration on training, support, and a go-to-market focused on cost optimization and security best practices in the AWS Well-Architected Framework. An estimated annual savings of P1-million or 15% per month is projected for customers thorugh this partnership.  

“We chose nOps as our cloud management partner because, as users ourselves, we find it is the best tool to manage cloud usage and costs. It works well with AWS, the leading cloud platform globally, which works well for us as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner,” said Mary Rose Dela Cruz, chief executive officer of Stratpoint.

Dela Cruz added that the timing of the partnership between Stratpoint and nOps is strategic, occurring when the majority of companies are looking into digital and cloud technology adoption to gain an edge against the economic shift happening today.

“Stratpoint and many of our clients have long been cloud-native. Together with nOps, we will help Filipino and Asean businesses build resilience now and be future-ready,” she continued.

nOps founder and CEO JT Giri also expressed his excitement in the partnership with Stratpoint, which he considers as building on the momentum of the AWS adoption in the Asian market. This collaboration expands both company’s footprint in Asia and will be prioritizing MSMEs in the Philippines.

“As an nOps user, Stratpoint has experienced first-hand the benefits that nOps brings to the Well-Architected Review process. And its ability to deliver insights into any changes in the AWS environment that can impact cost, security, and availability,” Giri said.


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